28 Sep The Blog Has Come A Long Way

Paper in typewriter listing Blog

The blog has come a long way in the last few years. It started as a place for individuals to express their feelings for the world to read and has now evolved into something much more respected.

According to a recent E-Marketer blog, those looking to update the Internet on their life, location, or feelings no longer turn to the blog to do so. Facebook and Twitter have rightfully taken that duty. So where does that leave the blog?

The blog is on a continuing climb in mainstream media. This can be greatly attributed to journalists adopting the use of blogs. They are no longer a rough work of personal emotion that they once were but now a place for serious, concise, newsworthy writing. In other words, there is some credibility where there once was none. As a whole, America is increasingly reading blogs while actual blog writing is still low among US Internet users. Only 12% of US Internet users write blogs and this stat is not expected to increase in the coming year.

As we continue to move forward with social media and its adaptation in advertising we can benefit from understanding this shift in blog use. It can help you craft your message accordingly. The blog has become an efficient way for businesses to communicate with their consumers and the public. Not only is it efficient but it’s also considered a reliable source so that means blog use should not be taken lightly. If your company writes a blog, it is important that it acts as an extension of your overall marketing goal. It should not be taken lightly.

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