10 Feb Social Network Advertising Is On The Rise

Social network ad spending is continuing to gain momentum year over year.  If you think about it, this makes sense considering the growing popularity of networks like Facebook.

From an advertiser’s point of view, it was almost the next logical step in digital strategy.  More and more resources are being pointed towards social media campaigns and it makes sense that marketers are taking notice of the potential for social network ads.  It is a space that we are continually becoming more comfortable with as we continue our on-going experiments and education.

Image taken from Emarketer.com

According to a recent EMarketer.com blog, 10.8% of all US online ad spending will go to social networks.  It is predicted that the share of social network advertising spending will also rise to 12.1% roughly in 2012.

Facebook is leading the way for social networking ad spend and will increase its roll as it becomes more prevalent in Asian countries.  An interesting prediction from the blog has to do with mobile advertising.  Asian countries are ahead of the curve with social network use on mobile devices.  Experts believe that social networking advertisements will soon be funneled into mobile versions through those same networks.  America is continuing to adopt the use of social networks on mobile devices.

It is also noted that the skepticism from a few years ago has faded as brands across the world are allocating more and more of the budgets for social media.

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