21 Feb Online Real Estate Success Requires Planning And Evaluation

Inman.com always has a nice variety of articles about real estate trends, marketing, and current reports.  I recently stumbled upon an article by Gahlord Dewald that details what in his mind are the essential tools for real estate success online.

It’s refreshing to know that Dewlad suggests a calm and collective approach.  Real estate professionals everywhere are still getting caught up in what networks they should be on or whether or not Twitter makes sense for the their online marketing strategy.  The problem is that most will jump head first into these platforms without really thinking it through.  Before you create a Twitter profile for your business, did you know what you are trying to achieve?  The answer needs to be more specific than generating leads too.

Dewlad’s process suggests thinking about what you’re doing online, what you’re target audience is doing online, map out a process, and identify where you have control and where you don’t.  This will help you understand where certain online tools make sense for your goals.

The second part of the article refers to observations and reporting.  This could be through the use of Google Analytics or more specialized applications for certain social networks.  Your goals and strategy development will help determine what means of measurement is necessary.  Once you have a means to measure your data, you must then decide on the quality of your efforts.  Based on what you find, you can then make the necessary adjustments.

The Inman.com article is a great read for even the savviest real estate professionals.  I highly suggest you read it.

Sibet B Freides