14 Apr If Video Killed the Radio Star, What did Social Media Kill?

If you’re confused, overwhelmed, or frustrated by the idea that Social Media is here to stay, you’d better learn how to deal with it – the marketing landscape has been changed forever.

Is it really such a bad thing? Do you still think Facebook and Twitter are anti-social, geeky ways to hide behind technology instead of networking with your clients? Think again. Social media made business human again. It enables us to talk directly to companies and CEOs that were previously out of reach. It’s about connections. It’s about the return of bringing value to your clients instead of broadcasting your message over and over again.

Yes, Social Media in some ways DID kill Marketing – the traditional marketing paradigm that we still cling to mercilessly.

To create true value you must give your clients what they need, not what you want to tell them. Are you teaching your audience something? Giving away some of your knowledge without asking anything in return? How do you motivate, help and serve your potential and current clients?

Sibet B Freides