11 May How to Write for the Internet

For starters, state your point right away. Today’s Internet delivers clients who want what you offer right to your homepage. Do you lose them with wordy, brochure-like paragraphs or do you identify exactly what your clients want?

Powerful words on a website move the visitor to do something. If you’re not sure how to grab the attention of your audience, start with two columns: List a feature of your product or service in one column and a benefit to the client or customer in the corresponding column. Repeat.

What words move your clients? Do you use “shop” terms that only your business understands, or do you use a language that is understood by your client or customer?

Are you using keywords effectively in your website copy? Are they sprinkled throughout your site in a way that makes sense and is relevant to your business? Remember, a keyword is a popular search term that customers will use in search engines to find your business. Think like a consumer when you create them.

Examine your “fluff” words – are you using words like an, in, on, or of too much? Can you trim your paragraphs? Do it, and then trim your words again! Put them into succinct ideas, bullet points, or section headlines.

What do you offer that makes your business unique? How do you stand out from others in your field? Is that clear in your website copy?

No matter what market you’re in, call-to-action words are imperative. There is no more passive “browsing” in today’s information overload world. All clients and customers respond to words that contain energy, emotion, and tell them exactly what to do with the information you’re providing them.

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Sibet B Freides