01 Jun Are You Still Confused by Social Media Rules?

You know your company needs to get “social”, but you have no idea where to start. You’re still not even sure you completely understand what tweeting, following, and engaging really mean. So what’s your strategy?

To begin with, have a strategy. This is the biggest mistake I see time and time again. Your social media marketing is truly an extension of your overall marketing plan and should be consistent with your brand and message. Too many people are in a rush to hop on the bandwagon and start chattering on the Social Web without taking the time to craft a goal and a plan to carry that out.

An extension of your marketing message, however, does not mean spend that time only broadcasting ads and offers. It’s about facilitating prospects, cultivating relationships, and integrating ways of communicating to your audience. The key objective is to add value through the information that you distribute, whether you’re sharing or creating content. You want to hear the conversation, opinions, concerns, and issues around your specific product or service. This is priceless, real-time information for you to help you better serve your clients’ needs.

Creating valuable content that positions you as the expert in your industry is only part of a successful Social Media campaign. You must actively participate in conversations relevant to your brand and your goal.

When you are working on your Social Media content strategy, ask yourself: Does this information help me connect with someone who can purchase my product or service? Does it provide helpful, valuable information for them to use and share with others? Will it convert them into an advocate or evangelist for my company? Am I rewarding existing loyal customers and clients? Am I driving traffic to my blog or website with a consistent message?

If you are confused by the Social Web, have no idea where to start, or if your current Social Media strategies are stalled, let Idea Associates help you craft the perfect campaign that will leverage your audience and get your message heard.

Sibet B Freides