29 Jun 7 Tips for Green Building

Green building used to be for an elite group of choosy environmentalists; in 2011 it’s nearing the new standard. Here aresome tips to help you figure out how to build “green” in your community.

Size matters: The best green homes have just enough space and no more. If building small is not an option, try to optimize the space you have and build up rather than out when possible.

Make recycling easy: Recycling and composting spaces can be incorporated into the home design. Make sure to include outdoor living spaces and large windows that bring nature inside.

Build for renewable energy: Design your home to use passive solar, daylighting, and other renewable energy techniques.

Materials that make sense: Choose eco-friendly and local materials that actually work in your area. Not all green materials work the same – do you homework before choosing building materials.

Recycle building materials: Have a recycling plan in place for the building process so no building materials are wasted.

Homes with muscle: Durability is one of the greenest factors in building. A home with a long life is a naturally a green home. Talk to different architects and contractors and make sure they have a durability plan.

Don’t neglect the roof: Roofing choices do have a large impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Take a look at roof additions and green roof options.

Sibet B Freides