01 Dec The Latest Club Trend

At Idea Associates, we have marketed golf clubs, equestrian clubs, lifestyle clubs, marina/boating club communities and many types in between.  But now there is a new club taking shape that plays right into the health and wellness trends: The Outdoor Sporting Club.

They are popping up in the west for everyone from the “real” outdoorsman to those seeking fresh air and magnificent skies. One current example we are marketing is The Montana Sporting Club.  The activities here are impressive including snowmobiling, cattle drives, hunting big game, fly-fishing, and endless miles of ATV trails.  Or for those not so adventurous, there is a personal chef who will prepare your favorite wild game or practice your photography skills on one in a million views.

Some clubs offer “glamping” which is an upscale form of camping out but with luxury tents and bedding.  Spa services can be found at most of the clubs.

How are these different from the clubs of the past?  I believe it reflects a changing demographic and psychographic. Rather than spend 7 hours with your buddies playing golf, now many dads are choosing 8 hours of hunting with their kids and maybe extended family or friends.  The club format today is much more inclusive while still being exclusive.

What trends are you seeing in club memberships?

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