21 Mar Small Houses, Living Large

Downsizing has been a trend over the last several years, whether you are an empty nester eliminating yard work or a family adversely affected by past economic conditions. Builders are making this trend work for them with new designs and plans. Today buyers aren’t looking for more house, they are looking for houses that do more. They will accept smaller space but not less finishes; they still expect a home that impresses.

Making smaller plans work means both using every space in the home and customizing the allocation of space so that the owners’ priorities are reflected in where square footage is allotted. Even if customization isn’t possible, builders can focus on adaptable spaces.

Flexibility seems to be on the top of the buyer priority list, such as a dining room that can be converted into an office or extra bedroom if needed.

Some examples of modern adaptations of space can include built-in storage for backpacks and bags at the side entrance commonly used by the family, hallways with extra cabinets, and the elimination of the formal dining room. An alcove near the stairs is perfect for mini home office needs.

Living smaller not only emphasizes the less is more principle, but it also encourages the implementation of green features and appliances, which make a real selling point.

Sibet B Freides