17 May How to Cut Down on Social Media Clutter

Update your tweets. Set a new Facebook status. Foursquare, Instagram, Meetup, Pinterest, Tumblr… it’s enough to make you a little crazy keeping up with your content.

But what happens when you need to change your settings? You have to click through site after site looking for the right page to edit your profile – if only there were a way to manage it from one place! Wait… what there is J

Manage All Your Social Network Settings With BlissControl

In an instant, BlissControl happens to direct you to the right setting page within the social network you choose.

There is no annoying login or application that “grants access”, because BlissControl doesn’t actually dial in to the various social networks.

The site offers the ability to do these great things from one place: change your bio, change your password, change mobile settings, update design, delete account, and more. It supports about a dozen major social networks.

BlissControl is free and easy, and we’ll be enjoying it from now on! Let us know what you think by commenting below or sharing it on our Facebook page.

Sibet B Freides