26 Jun Do You Write About Your Company Instead of To Your Audience?

One of the biggest copy writing mistakes we see is ignoring the audience that visits your website.

If a new potential client came to your office and asked how you could help them, would you immediately begin to brag about all your awards and company’s strong points? That’s exactly how a lot of website copy comes across. It’s written for the business, not the client.

So what would you do with your potential client? You would ask questions. You would find out what their challenges are. You’d get details on what they want to specifically accomplish and then you would address their exact needs.

Instead of, “We do this, we create that, we get results, let us help…” your presentation would most likely talk about the clients goals and needs, paint the picture of what they want to accomplish and then list specific services that solve their issues.

This doesn’t mean you should never talk talk about “us” and “we” in your copy, but limit it to 10% or less. Focus on what your clients are looking for and speak to them directly.

Sibet B Freides