12 Sep Retirement is Changing

Retirement is different today, and so are retirees. What are they looking for in retirement?

CNN recently posted a study of the best places to go for each of today’s Boomer retirement trends.

As the country’s 78 million baby boomers reach the official age of seniority, they’re redefining retirement in a huge way. It’s more than just being “active”, some are working new careers or going back to school. The new “old” is now 79.

This is the first generation that has stayed physically fit through middle age. This translates into a desire for adventure, not a quite retirement in Florida. Things that are important have changed, like hiking and biking amenities and educational opportunities.

Sunny Days

For those who still crave sunshine and mild weather, Santa Fe and its 325 days of sunshine a year is a nice alternative to Florida or Arizona. Adventure is satiated with offerings of skiing, hiking, and stunning mountain views. The city is vibrant with galleries, opera, and an award-winning restaurant scene.

Scaled Down

Small cities are becoming a big draw among retirees who crave the activity of a buzzing metropolis without the fast pace. Charleston is a great choice for those seeking “mini-metros.” Residents love the farmer’s markets, sweet tea and famous low-country cuisine. Though it’s a city, there is no shortage of sandy beaches and palm trees.

The College of Charleston even allows adults age 60 and older to enroll in most classes tuition-free for a $25 fee.

Peak Days

More and more boomers are choosing mountain towns. Many are flocking to Bend, Oregon in particular, for its spectacular views, vast array of outdoor sports, and relaxed vibe. This magnificent city offers some of the northwest’s best hiking, biking and kayaking, as well as rock-climbing.

To read the full article on CNN about the other destinations of today’s seniors, click here.

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