03 Dec The Newer, Smarter Generation Uses Doorsteps

It’s a new generation of homebuyers and they have smarter and faster tools to bring them exactly what they want. As a realtor are you going to cry over business lost to technology or join the wired generation and get your name out there?

One way to get in front of Gen Y is by joining Doorsteps – a free online tool for homebuyers who are looking to save time, money, and stress. Prospects use a personal Buyer Profile to find the agents, lenders, and service providers that best fit their needs… on their terms.

This awesome new site is packed with 100% unbiased, insider information, and lots of smart tools to help buyers (and potential buyers) make faster, better decisions.

Homebuyers are so different today than they were even five years ago. They use available technology to organize their lives and make it a priority to connect with others. They expect and demand transparency from those they do business with.

Doorsteps helps buyers find the right agent, and will soon be able to find the right lender as well.

Why should agents join?

Agents get to step in when buyers are truly prepared and eager to take the step from curious to ready. With Doorsteps agents are thrilled to connect with buyers who are already in the system, as they are often pre-approved, have clearly named their exact needs, have already researched and become acquainted with neighborhoods, and have a realistic budget worked out.

How are you making yourself available to this generation?

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