03 Jan Where Are People Viewing Mobile Video?

Smartphones allow us to view videos almost anywhere we are – but surprisingly enough a new study shows that 63% of people watching video on mobile phones are doing so at home rather than on the go. According to a new report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and its Mobile Center of Excellence, more than a third of this viewing actually takes place in a room where a TV, PC or tablet is also available for watching video.

What are they watching?

Music, movie trailers and how-to videos are the most popular videos viewed. The majority of viewers prefer videos under 10 minutes long, given the limitations of the small screen size.

The study also showed that nearly all (92%) of mobile video watchers share material they’re watching, with 56% of those doing so via Facebook or other social media and 44% by simply showing others content on their phone. Texting, email, YouTube and Twitter were among other means of sharing.

How do you reach them?

If they have to watch ads, people said they prefer 10- to-15-second spots either before or after videos. They are more receptive to ads related to the content they are watching rather than geo-targeted ads.

Other ad types such as sponsorships, TV commercials, pop-up ads and overlays were found to be much less popular.

How about you? What’s your preferred place to watch and share mobile videos?

Sibet B Freides