06 Jan Are Your Emails Getting Opened?

ideaviews email marketingEmail marketing is a low-cost, high return way to get your audience to know, like, and trust you.  But you can’t get your message to your readers and stay top of mind if they don’t even open your emails!

A 30% open rate or higher is considered good. Here are some keys to getting your emails opened, read and acted on.

The biggest key is crafting a fantastic Subject Line. If you want to evoke curiosity, questions are the way to go (Are You Making This Mistake?). Or you can provide a promise for great benefits within the content (Learn What Your Clients Aren’t Telling You That You Really Need to Hear).

Keep it regular

Like in successful Blogging, pick a frequency and stick with it. Whether your newsletter goes out every Friday afternoon or your monthly eZine is delivered on the 15th of every month, you must keep consistent.

Keep it simple

All of our inboxes are cluttered with hundreds of emails daily. Don’t think the people on your email list are any different. If your emails are short and clean and contain something interesting, they will get read more regularly. Keep it to one key article/video, a helpful tip or recommendation, and a clear call to action for them to take.

Keep it growing

You should always be adding people to your list: previous clients, prospects, people you meet at networking events, strategic partners, and even family/friends. Set a goal each month for how many new subscribers you want to add and make it a priority.

How do you make sure your audience opens and engages with your emails?

Sibet B Freides