12 Mar Model Homes – Think Lifestyle Instead of Design

ideaviews home stagingFirst impressions can make or break a new home sale. Today’s buyers are more swayed by a model that is centered around their lifestyle rather than magazine-esque designer features.

Builder Online shares some ideas that speak to buyers today in a model home.

Hometown feel. Displaying banners or posters from a local sports team can really give the buyer a warm and fuzzy hometown feeling about living there.

Community kitchen. The kitchen has become the family meeting place, so it’s important to show it off with the best appliances and gadgets that would appeal to your buyer. It’s also great to include a place for family photos and children’s artwork, since it’s become the hub of family interaction.

Outdoor elements. Sunrooms, brick walls and lots of plants can help bring the outdoors in, an important feature to today’s nature-conscious buyers.

Personal havens. Along with the relaxation of nature, it would really wow your buyer to have a small, quiet retreat carved out for a busy mom – forget man caves! How about a mom-cave?

Don’t forget Fido. Pets are part of the family. Sneaky upgrades such as pull-out bins for dog food or food and water bowl stations built in would communicate to your buyer that you value their furry family members, too.

How about you? What home staging ideas do you think would speak to your prospective buyers the most? Share by commenting below!

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