02 Jun Millennials Are Changing the Construction Business

ideaviews millennialsThe millennial generation is entering the workforce, and this includes the construction industry. This savvy group has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to bringing new technology into play. They now learn the importance of innovation in school, such as the values, principles, thinking, and methods of engineering, design, and business. This is a huge benefit to construction firms.

Constructech.com recently shared a study that rated the Ten Great Workplaces for Millennials. Two of the 10 organizations making the list are in the trenches of construction—David Weekly Homes, Austin, Texas, and DPR Construction, Redwood City, California.

Some of the draws for millennials working at David Weekly Homes include integrity and high expectations and high rewards. At DPR Construction, safety, quality, and growth are big factors for this generation to consider.

Technology and innovative ideas are changing the landscape of the industry. DPR Construction, for example, encourages employees to use a special Website to submit ideas for improvements, which can be related to software, tools, company protocol, or an email signature.

Like many of today’s changing businesses, it’s imperative that construction companies learn to integrate the tech-savvy, innovation-focused millennials into the workplace. This results in greater productivity and a fresh new perspective for the industry.

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