28 Jul Why You Need the Cloud

IdeaViews CloudThese days it seems as if you need constant connectivity between home and work. Dropbox and Google Drive are gaining serious traction as a way to keep your files accessible from both locations. The next step? Keeping the same connection on the job site.

Cloud-based software uses web portals and mobile apps to access files from anywhere with an Internet connection. With all data hosted at the vendor’s secure data center, the cloud-based model ensures immediate updates and increased data security compared to paper-based processes.

How are builders turning to the cloud to streamline communication?

Builder Online recently shared that they: are using mobile apps mostly for inspections (64 percent), work orders (38 percent), and checklists (35 percent), according to a 2014 survey of more than 1,100 construction firms conducted by Canvas.

Cloud communications offer clarity and efficiency on what is happening with a job. It can also bring transparency to the job site, giving the customer a new, empowering experience.  Many builders are sharing their schedules, status and budget information with their clients to help build trust and cut down on playing phone tag.

In addition to the generic Dropbox and Google Drive, some new companies are emerging with cloud-based software specifically designed for homebuilders, like Build in the Cloud and Build Tools.

How does your company stay connected on the job site? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides