03 Jun How to Leverage Facebook and Email Marketing Together

Facebook marketing and email marketing are both highly effective, but the overall result is much better when they’re used in conjunction with each other, according to AdEspresso.com.

The first way to accomplish this is to enable social sharing abilities within your email marketing campaigns. You can take that a step further and make email sign-ups accessible or encouraged on your Facebook page.

The benefits of Facebook marketing include connecting with new users and quickly being able to build relationships with them by interacting on your page and offering great small bites content.

Email marketing lets your audience really get to know you with lengthier opportunities for articles, tips and offerings of your product or service.

Marrying these mediums equals an increased overall marketing success. When done right, you’ll often see an increase in likes and followers on Facebook, more sign-ups for your email, and more engagement and responses overall.

Make sure you are featuring icons and links to your Facebook in each email campaign you send. You’ll also want to encourage email sign-ups on your Facebook page, such as on a landing page that you can create in a tab.

Every so often you can create an email campaign solely to promote your Facebook page. Encourage likes by featuring the link above the fold of the email with a strong CTA to like your Page.

You can also split test your content by sharing small chunks on your Facebook page. The status updates and images that get the most engagement and response are the ones you should feature in your full email campaign.

How about you? How are you cross-promoting your Facebook and Email marketing campaigns? Share by commenting below!

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Sibet B Freides