08 Jun Cross Promoting Still Counts

Chances are, you have more than one social profile for your business, and you’re probably most active where the crux of your audience is: on Facebook. Promoting links to your other social profiles on Facebook lets your fans quickly and easily know where else they can find you.

Are you cross promoting? Here are some creative ways to do it without being seeming too pushy or desperate!

Use your About section. You can add links to your social pages in the description of your Facebook page. If you use a link in the short description, it also shows up in the About area of your main timeline.

Custom Tabs. Adding a tab to your page can be a great way to show visitors your other social media profiles. This is done with third party apps, but there are many options to help you bring your other social accounts to your Facebook page, such as Woobox, Pagemodo or ShortStack.

One of the benefits of adding tabs to your page is that people can easily follow you from the tab and see your activity, since your social tabs are automatically updated with your latest posts.

Get Social in your Photo Album. You can put together a Facebook album with icons from your social channels and include social links in the photo descriptions. When you initially share this album, your followers will see it, and you can always reshare a link to the album as a fun way for people to see your profiles on other social sites.

The benefit of putting the photos in an album is that they’re a little more visible than a timeline image that gets pushed down in your uploads.

How about you? How are you cross promoting your social profiles? Share by commenting below!

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Sibet B Freides