17 Jun Three Outdated Social Media Practices to Give the Boot

outdated social mediaPart of our job in providing our clients with social media marketing plans and implementation is to make sure we are not wasting the client’s time or money. According to KruseControlInc.com, businesses evolve, and so does social media. Yet companies are still employing archaic social media strategies from five years ago.

Time is a valuable commodity. Here are some outdated social practices you should let go of.

Posting the biggest stories in your industry. It’s one thing to publish a big news story with your insightful comments or questions. That shows your audience why they chose to follow you: for your expertise and opinions. But simply copying the biggest headlines and hoping it brings you some kind of SEO or post reach reward is not only a waste of time but  annoying to your loyal followers. What’s worse is when you publish a story headline that links to a product on your website instead of the original story!

Blog posts that are made up of more SEO keywords than actual information. You blog because it educates, tells stories and informs your audience. Done correctly, this type of content can even be the deciding factor for their purchase.

Of course you need to optimize your posts so search engines can find them, but to heavily plug your posts with content written solely for this purpose is again, bad practice.

The goal is to provide helpful, useful information created by you. This is what attracts clients and builds trust. Write from the heart, then optimize to accent your article.

Having 943 social profiles because you can. Signing up for every single social network does not actually help you be seen. Instead you need to identify your target audience and figure out which top social networks they are on. Where do they spend most of their time? Once you have a starting point, take your time to master that medium. Set goals and measure them. Then you can add a few more if they are relevant and make sense.

If your company is guilty of any of these, we can help! Contact us to create the perfect social media marketing plan for your business.

Sibet B Freides