30 Sep Keywords for SEO – Are They Still Relevant?


Keywords have come a long way. Way back in the beginning of SEO, developers would try to increase a website’sranking by using colored text to blend their keywords into the background of a page, or even positioning keywords behind images. Then search crawlers got smart.

Today, keywords are still relevant. Google’s ranking algorithms analyze large portions of text content, including any relevant search words people might use to find information in your particular niche or market.

Instead of sheer numbers of keywords being important, Google determines the value of your keywords by relevance – which words and phrases you use within your content. Keyword “stuffing”(hiding high impact words within your site) is definitely frowned upon by search engines.

Make sure the description of your business is accurate to increase your chances of a high ranking website. Also, constantly providing new and fresh content keeps traffic coming to your websites and the search engines happy.

Keywords are still relevant, indeed, but new sophistication shows that Google wants to find the INTENT and meaning behind a consumer’s search query.  Your pages shouldn’t focus on any one keyword or phrase in particular, but include content that is valuable and relevant to your niche – especially since Google becomes increasingly responsive to semantic queries.

Sibet B Freides