22 Nov You Can’t be Social in a Vacuum – Using the Holidays in Your Social Media Marketing

The holidays are coming, but can you tell from your social media presence? Whether it’s out of professionalism, political correctness, or just being unsure of how to relate the holidays to your product, it’s easy to try and ignore the season in regards to your marketing plan. In fact, many businesses – especially those that don’t deal directly with consumers or those that deal in real estate and professional services – have always kept the Holidays on the back burner in their traditional advertising venues. But as we’ve established time and time again on this blog, nothing is traditional when it comes to social media.

The holidays are on everyone’s mind this time of year. And if people are thinking about it, they’re probably talking about it on social media. And, since it is social media, those same people are looking to see who else is thinking and talking about the same things they are thinking and talking about. By showing prospective clients that you’re not just aware of the holiday season but are also excited enough about it to post something, you’re tapping in to marketing gold – showing the audience you (or your brand) think like they do, establishing common ground, and laying the foundation to portray yourself as a trustworthy source. So, how do you reap these benefits and celebrate the Holidays on Social Media without sacrificing professionalism or alienating a set of potential clients? Here are three tips to keep in mind.


Keep it General and Audience Focused

Unless your business is publicly affiliated with a certain religion, it is always a good idea to keep the holiday messaging fairly general. This helps to keep the sentiments somewhat professional and helps you to avoid alienating any potential clients. Also, be sure your holiday messaging is about the client, not promoting your business. It may be tempting to throw a hook in there somewhere, but if you’re attempting to convey a trustworthy image during this season, it’s best to leave that out.


Don’t Overdo It

There’s no need to turn your social media presence into the virtual equivalent of the North Pole for the month of December. In fact one, maybe two posts celebrating the Holidays is just about enough. For maximum impact, schedule one of those messages to be sent on the holiday itself, which adds some context and timeliness, without feeling stiff or impersonal. But bear in mind what kind of message you should send, and when. For example, If you announced some sort of holiday related promotion or contest earlier in the month, wrap it up before or right after the holiday, let the post you send on the holiday be one of genuine communication, not promotion.


Know Your Brand

No matter what your message is this holiday season, it should be in line with your brand, above all. Maybe your style is an elegant note, wishing your clients the happiest of holidays and a healthy new year. Or maybe you’re using the latest technology to share a cutting edge graphic wishing them peace and joy all season long. Or, maybe still, you’re planning to share a witty comic you know your audience will love. Any of these options could work in a professional setting, as long as it coincides with your brand and your clientele.


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Sibet B Freides