02 Dec The points here are that urbanites process and consume at a higher rate than suburbanites and because of that, they demand more innovative products. This in turn requires marketers and advertisers to come up with more innovative ways of communicating with these consumers.

The most interesting thing about this article is the relevancy it has with our current emerging market trends. Marketing to these urbanites will be based on innovation and transparency, which is something we are already seeing with social media.

The article mentioned above details a rapid increase of urban living within city limits, which makes me think that we will continue to use social media in order to achieve innovation and transparency.

Marketers question the ability of the older generations to adapt and respond to social media. This article makes a great observation, in that with the way marketing is heading, suburbanites will be tempted to act in the same manner due to near-total transparency of online marketing strategies.

So what is the take away from this?

The number of urbanities is increasing daily, so we should begin tailoring our strategies to accommodate their lifestyles and their means of information processing. What if you don’t develop or sell real estate inside the city? You should still be paying attention because these trends won’t be far behind for suburban settings.

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