04 May Putting The Digital Marketing Pieces Together


Builderonline.com has a great article titled “10 Ways For Builders to Improve Their Online Marketing Efforts”. I suggest you check it out. It has a great list and serves as a good example of how to put it all together.

I found this article particularly refreshing for a couple of reasons. I am glad that Alison Rice, the article’s author, addressed the doubts regarding digital marketing and in particular social media. She didn’t present it as the industry savior like some and she didn’t throw it under the bus. She explains its benefits but also warns not to totally depend on it.

Making your company’s website the best it can be is solid advice. It sounds simplistic and you might be thinking that this is common practice but it’s not. With the rise of social media some companies are thinking that the attention to their websites can decrease because all web activity is the same. This isn’t true. Your website is “home base”. Social media efforts should be leading consumers to your site where in part can be completely about you and what you have to sell.

If this same approach is taken in social media, the results will be anything but favorable. Like the article says, social media “isn’t just about selling your product; it’s about being relevant”. You have to give before you get. If you do this, consumers will trust you and understand your worth. Then you can present them with what you are selling. This could be a link to your website, a visit, or a conversation.

This article also talks about pay per click ads, Google, SEO, and message adaptation. It really puts the digital marketing pieces together well. It’s a good refresher for those of you who have been in the business for a while and some good advice for new comers.

Sibet B Freides