08 Jun Del Webb Hits The Mark With All Age Communities

Fireside at Norterra

Del Webb is no doubt the leader in the development of 55+ communities and now they have hit the mark again with all-age communities. In fact, some would argue that they were the first to really take the idea and run with it. The result was a gorgeous community promoting an active lifestyle that appeals to a wide array of ages. Both Fireside communities are designed to offer an impressive recreational center that acts as the hub for community. Countless activities are offered that cater to all ages. This is what the future looks like.

What makes these Del Webb communities so great is there attention to current marketing trends and developing their products accordingly. It’s becoming more and more understood that most families are looking for multi-generational living situations. Whether it’s because of financial strain from family members or the desire to stay close to family, there is high demand for multi-generational homeplans. Homes vary from low-maintenance to estate sized in the Fireside communities. Each one smartly serves a different generation of a family.

Del Webb has taken the idea of multi-generational homeplans to the next level by developing up-scale multi-generational community plans. You have to give them credit. Just last week I read an article talking about 55+ communities lowering their age restrictions to fill units. Del Webb was ahead of the game in two ways. They understood that a luxury 55+ community would struggle in the current market. They also understood that consumers are looking for multi-generational living situations. Now that their Desert Ridge and Norterra communities are completed, I think we have the case study for how developers will be planning their future projects. I would mention the awards and accolades that these Fireside communities have won for their sustainable design and architecture, but that deserves a blog of its own.

Sibet B Freides