17 Aug Are You Wasting Money On Your Developments?

close-up of money thrown in a waste paper basket

Builderonline.com has a great article titled “50 Ways To Waste Your Money.” It’s on their website and in this month’s issue of builder magazine. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do so here.

It’s a lengthy article but it’s worth a read in its entirety. I naturally enjoyed some of the more marketing and advertising focused tips. Here are a few of the ones that I really liked.

Don’t Train Your Salespeople To Explain The Value Of Energy Efficiency

I have talked about this before but when you build a sustainable home and obtain a certification for it, it might not matter if you don’t have the proper people selling it. How can an untrained sales person sell something they don’t know anything about? You better believe that buyers who are attracted to your product because of its Earthcraft certification are going to have some serious sustainability questions. Salespeople need to be able to talk the talk when it comes to selling sustainable homes.

Neglect Your Website

According to the article, a third of home buyers rely on the internet as their first step when searching for a new home and 94 percent of buyers use it as a tool to search refine their choices during the buying process. Knowing this, I am not sure why anyone would neglect their website to save money. A lot of developers also make the mistake of not updating their websites regularly. Webmasters may be expensive but I would avoid the temptation of cutting costs in this department.

View Technology As A Cure-All

A lot of us are excited about the advancements of the web and mobile devices. The article issues a sound warning to those who may be relying on technology to do old things more efficiently. Experts believe that these new technologies, especially mobile ones, should be used in new, effective ways to create sales and leads. If you rely on these new technologies to execute old strategies, we are selling ourselves short.

These of course, are just a few of the ones that I really like. There are 47 more that touch on building, marketing, consumer research, and design. It is a read that is well worth your time.

Sibet B Freides