08 Sep The Future Of Targeted Social Media Messages

Arrows in centre of target, elevated view

I recently read an article on Social Media Today talking about the future of social media. It is a actually a commentary on a recent interview with Brian Solis, renowned social media expert and his theories on what the future of social media looks like. It’s a great read and you should check it out here.

The argument is that Solis thinks that in the future networks we will need to tailor content to context based on privacy and subject matter. The author of the Social Media Today article argues that users will only listen to those that they like. He thinks that we can rely on users filtering out the unwanted noise themselves. To an extent, this is probably true but I think that there is a major place for specialized networks and messages. I think if we are able to at least tailor the content of our messages for specific users, we will see a better return on our efforts.

I have always been a believer in targeting messages on social media and I think as it continues to grow, its importance is only increasing. I mentioned this in a previous post but users will eventually start experiencing social media fatigue where they will stop following or “liking” things and people blindly. They will only follow, listen, and interact with the messages and users that they like, for whatever reason.

I think the answer is a combination of the two ideas. I think we need to tailor our messages based on context so the users we are targeting don’t naturally filter them. I think doing this will only increase the return of our efforts. It all comes back to finding your audience and tailoring your messages to them. I don’t think a broad shot depending on self-filtering is the answer.

Sibet B Freides