14 Oct The 2010 Ideal Living Home Represents The Future Of Sustainable Home Design

The 2010 Ideal Living Home at Achasta is the perfect case study when it comes to sustainable design.

The home features the latest and greatest in sustainable construction and interiors. While this is great and is always a strong selling point, these inclusions aren’t what make this home so unique. It’s the way the home utilizes future home building techniques without compromise.

What makes this home special is that its designers and builder were able to incorporate sustainable features and materials without losing the look and feel of the community. Known for its rustic charm and natural amenities, the Achasta community is located in the North Georgia Mountains where it has become a community staple in the town of Dahlonega.

When the Ideal Living Home was first planned, those involved understood the need for creating a sustainable home while maintaining the rustic charm of the community and the area. The finished product ended up being just that. From energy efficient HVACS to all natural counter tops and reclaimed hardwoods, the showhome successfully captures the elements of tomorrow’s sustainable design without compromising the rustic feel of the community.

This is important for future development. Sustainable features are a must for new home construction. While this is true, I think that it’s important that we don’t rush to let those features define our product. Sustainability should definitely be advertised but these features are becoming the standard and we still need to maintain an identity that makes our product unique. Achasta was able to do this seamlessly.

For more information about the 2010 Ideal Living Home visit their site at Achasta.com. You can also see a list of their vendors for the sustainable products used in the home’s construction and interior design.

Sibet B Freides