05 Nov The Blurred Lines Of Advertising

The digital marketing space is flooded with e-media and social media adverting. Advertising agencies across the country are encouraging clients to start writing and generating “relevant” content for blogs and other social media platforms. This has come at the expense of traditional media outlets including print and display. It also raises the question of whether or not advertisers are slowly becoming publishing companies. I don’t think it should be taken that far.

I think we are trying to use an old label for something entirely new. As of right now, the advertising landscape is still changing. Social media has still not completely caught up with its hype but it’s getting there. People are trying to define what role companies will play in the future. From media companies to search engine marketing firms, everyone wants to know what their role will be as the industry continues to evolve. The truth is that most of these specialty shops will merge and blend with others. Companies are beginning to mingle and integrate with other digital advertising disciplines. For example, search engine marketers are starting to dabble in display. There is a convergence right now that is blurring the distinctive lines of advertising.

So can advertisers be considered publishers? Maybe but that would be a shallow assumption. What are you going to do with the material? When should it be published? How does it integrate with your e-media banners? It’s still too early to throw out a sweeping definition of future advertising. We just aren’t there yet.

Sibet B Freides