24 Nov A Few Tips For Your New Blog

Builderonline.com has a good article with a few tips for builders looking to start a blog.

Smartly, the article points out that for builders, a blog will benefit your website and brand recognition which reinforces the idea that a blog should never replace your corporate website.  It should be a new way to get more potential buyers closer to the buying process whether it be your website or a sales agent.  The tips listed in the article come from Brad Bombardiere.  His first tip talks about selecting a blog platform.  He suggests WordPress and I would agree.  At the moment, WordPress is the most user friendly and developed blogging platform available.

My favorite tip has to do with posting content.  The article uses a great metaphor comparing the social space to a cocktail party.  If you were at a cocktail party and you kept talking about yourself and not listening to others, you probably wouldn’t make a lot of friends.  This rings true in social media as well.

Another good tip is to add some humor to your writing.  When blogging first started to become popular, traditional journalists deemed it unprofessional.  According to their style rules it was unprofessional but the blog has turned into a major player in the world of journalism and their authors are still writing by their own rules and own style.  I am not saying that you should write in an unprofessional manner but don’t be afraid to put your own personal touch on things.  Social media was designed for people, not companies. It’s always good to have a face and a personality to go with your blog.

There are other tips listed in this article that will help any start-up blogger.  It’s even a good read for the long time blogger as refresher.  I suggest taking a look.

Sibet B Freides