30 Nov How To Market A Green Home

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel ConstructionA recent Builderonline.com article reports that homebuyers want well-performing sustainable products and homes that are attractive and traditional.

When it comes to the green movement, homebuyers care more about the looks and cost savings that come from sustainability.  According to the article, only 15% of consumers are green advocates while the other 85% are not willing to compromise style or function.  This means that homebuilders must be able to construct and sell sustainable homes that perform equally or better than non-sustainable focused ones and they must incorporate traditional architecture and aesthetics.

Among every age group, energy efficiency is a top priority.  This isn’t because homebuyers are green advocates.  It’s because they know that energy savings translates into money savings.  Experts suggest that sustainable homes be marketed in simple terms as most homebuyers want to know how a home will save them energy and money.  Surveys suggest that consumers do not respond well to complicated messages.  According to the article, “Focus on how much it costs to operate the home.”

Most consumers are under the impression that green products cost more presenting a sales challenge.  Since most consumers aren’t green advocates, they want to see where these costs will even out or when they will break even in energy savings.  At the end of the day, the majority of consumers are looking for a traditional looking home that will save them money.  Few are looking for a way to save the planet.

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