08 Dec Urban Homebuyers Are Highly Educated And Informed

Trendwatching.com 2011 Trend Report

According to this year’s consumer trends report from Trendwatching.com, the urbanization of our economy continues to gain momentum as we prepare to enter 2011.

A move towards urban settings has been on the real estate radar for a while now but research shows that this movement is in full swing.  As more consumers move to more urban settings, it is important that we understand their characteristics and buying habits.  Research shows that urban consumers tend to be more daring, experimental, and social.  This explains the strong spike of social media use pioneered in urban settings.

So, what are these urban dwellers looking for?  It looks like the tastes of urban homebuyers are more refined.  Most choices made by urban buyers are highly educated and informed.  With so many options, making a good choice requires education and planning.  This is why real estate professionals working in the budding urban areas need to be very specific with their products because consumers will be very specific with their desires in a new home.

An interesting and important point made by trend report is that some of the aspects of our urban-geared products need to be city specific.  Another interesting suggestion when it comes to appealing to the refined urban consumer, don’t be afraid to inject a little “urban pride”.  It’s already there and it won’t hurt to stoke the fire a bit.

Sibet B Freides