23 Jun Do We Still Need Traditional Media?

Many Social Media “experts” have predicted the downfall and demise of traditional media. Yes, we strongly encourage our clients to include Social Media in their marketing strategy, but we rarely tell them to drop traditional media altogether.

The balance is truly necessary for both branding and reaching your target market. In fact, a Social Media campaign, if not backed by a solid marketing plan, will not be very effective.

It’s true that many newspapers and magazines have disappeared, and that more people use social networks first to get the news. Blogs have taken off in popularity and reach.

But there are still benefits to the tried and true:

Traditional media is instantly recognized. It has stood the test of time, and offers more credibility than a local blogger. This results in instant status for your message.

You can reach a larger audience. You may have 2,000 Twitter followers, but you can still reach vast percentages with magazines, billboards, radio, and television.

Social media is often about traditional media topics. To take that a step further, appearing in traditional media offers a boost in your own blog and social networks!

Still thinking about ditching your print media budget and hiring your nephew to Tweet for you? Think again! Idea Associates can you help you create the perfect marketing mix that gets results!

Sibet B Freides