07 Sep 8 Things You Must Know About Your Perfect Client

Do you want to really reach your audience with your marketing message? It doesn’t matter if you are using traditional print or new media campaigns, if you don’t know who your buyer is you won’t get anywhere. Make sure these questions have CLEAR and SPECIFIC answer:

Who is my ideal client?

What is their demographic profile? (age, location, income, etc.)

What do my perfect clients believe?

What do they like?

What are they worried about?

What is their biggest pain or source of discomfort right now?

What do they want from me online?

What amazing benefit will I give my client to make it worth their time to care about me and my product or service?

It is still tempting to focus on what you want from your customers, much like you did when the market demanded experience, awards, and accreditation. Today you’re setting yourself up for failure if you focus on yourself first.

You do something that people need or your business goes away.

Do you need help defining your perfect client and answering these questions for your business? We can help!

Sibet B Freides