05 Oct Facebook: Big Brother Has Arrived

USA Today recently reported that Facebook has touched a nerve with a broad range of critics upset about the social network’s latest batch of online sharing technology.

Experts shared their views on Timeline, a feature that maps everything a user has ever done on Facebook, and several “Open Graph” applications designed to broadcast a user’s surfing patterns and Web interests to friends and friends of friends.

These changes automated a great deal of the information sharing process, whereas users have previously had the option to manually manage their privacy. Consumers are definitely worried that they can no longer control their online reputations.

The article goes on to state that Timeline and the new Open Graph apps are intended to make it easier for users to share music and other content with their friends, according to Facebook.

We are hearing that users are feeling extremely vulnerable and violated, while security experts are very concerned. Crime gangs and phishers are handed victims’ information on a silver platter, making it easier to obtain valuable information about an individual and even infect their computers with viruses. Not to mention the spam that will most likely pop up in the way Twitter users have seen.

Facebook claims to be technologically advanced enough to flag suspicious behavior… hmmm. What do you think? Are you worried about the NWF (New World Facebook)? Do you think more people will abandon their daily addiction and migrate over to Google +?

Sibet B Freides