02 Nov Mobile Marketing is Real Time

Mobile marketing allows your customers to receive your message or promotion instantly. Unlike other forms of advertising or even email, 90% of text messages get opened, and most get responded to within five minutes. This is as close to ‘real time’ as one can get.

Mobile coupons have a redemption rate of 15% to 40%. Compare this to traditional print coupons, which are redeemed at less than 2%, and you can see the effectiveness of text message marketing. One reason for this is that mobile marketing is opt-in, so your customers are expecting the message.

How does mobile marketing work?

With SMS advertising, you give your potential customers a special keyword to text to a number, much like a telephone number. When they do so, they receive a text message back asking them to confirm their subscription. Then you are able to send out a time-sensitive promotion to your audience of subscribers.

Compared to print, radio, television or other traditional kinds of advertising, mobile marketing is inexpensive, immediate and personal. When a person leaves the house, they take with them three things – their wallet or pocketbook, their car keys and their mobile phone.

What’s your experience with mobile marketing? Do you think it only works for certain niches?

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