09 Nov Top 3 Digital Trends

Online marketing and the digital world are ever changing.  Here are three of the top trends happening today… subject to change, of course!

Mobile and desktop are becoming one. The dividing line between mobile devices (remember, iPads / tablets are actually mobile devices) and personal computers is becoming not only blurred but practically non-existent. Apple has even incorporated features from its smartphones into its desktop operating system. It is predicted that Apple’s two systems—OSX and iOS—will merge completely.

Click through—going away? Advertisers have been predicting the demise of the click-through rate for years, as it really is a highly inefficient way to measure an ad’s success, especially brand advertising. There are actually campaigns out now that measure time spent mousing over an ad rather than clicking.

The value of expert content. We all have a story and a message that can inspire others and solve their business problems. Today’s digital paradigm begs you to use your message to make a difference by sharing lessons and advice with others. The lessons you’ve learned in life and business are your greatest asset.

Sibet B Freides