10 Nov If Content is King Do Your Subjects Truly Get You?

Most email marketers focus on getting the right message to the right people, but the message also has to be delivered in the right format and language of your audience.

How do you produce the “right message” in the right format?

Design needs to be effective, not necessarily an award-winning work of art. Some of the most effective emails that drive action are nothing more than plain text. You need a balance—your audience expects creativity, but focus on what works and why it works.

Free reports and white papers were once the fail-proof way to get your leads into a list. They still may work for acquiring those names, however, they may not be the best way to ensure your message is actually understood.

Here’s the biggest secret:

Your content doesn’t have to be the absolute, overly detailed answer that solves all your clients’ needs.  Short blog posts are great; a 30-second video works perfectly.  Your free reports broken up into tweet-sized messages can be extremely valuable. Mix it up, try new media, but keep it short. We’re all busy. For your multimedia, the most effective and shared video messages have been the impromptu, unscripted short rants. Be yourself and share your expertise in a way that your audience can relate to best.

What’s your favorite way to deliver your message to clients?

Sibet B Freides