05 Jan What Are Your Advertising Resolutions?

With the cusp of a New Year upon us, it’s common for us to start to plan resolutions in our personal life. Perhaps you want to lose weight, get in better shape, or stop smoking. But what about your advertising methods? Couldn’t they use a little resolution list as well?

Will you use video this year?

Video is a great way to reach customers, yet fear often stops people from utilizing it to its fullest potential.

With the latest changes to the YouTube homepage, the experience is more of a social feed now, which gives marketers a powerful opportunity to enhance their brand exposure.

Rich media, in conjunction with video, is now more effective than simple Flash. When considering rich media campaigns, also think about including video to increase intent.

Will you start to mix social media with your display advertising?

Making display ads social increases the conversation with your customers, which is the top goal for all new media.

Do you try making your social media pages a primary destination rather than the website? How about setting up banner ads for interaction rather than broadcast only?

Social sharing is now becoming the norm when it comes to ads, blog posts, and even websites.

Are you going mobile with your ads?

I know you’re afraid, but its inevitable – users are now moving more and more to a multi-screen experience via desktop, mobile, and display and marketers must create these experiences in order to keep up.

Most mobile advertising now includes location-based strategies automatically – learn to use them creatively.

Remember – there’s no one right mix for every customer or client. By constantly being aware of your social media presence, you can evaluate the right person, the right timing, and the right message for your business.

Social media is not going away any time soon, but it will keep refining itself. Are you doing the same with your message?

Sibet B Freides