10 Jul What Do Gen Y Renters Expect?

How do apartment managers attract and keep up with tech-savvy Gen Y renters? What amenities are they looking for?

Here’s one key: upgrades. They view rental communities just like their cars and smartphones– having the ability to constantly change and be upgraded.

So what do “upgrades” look like in a rental community?

Lightning-fast Wi-Fi. This generation of renters is likely coming straight from campus housing or their parents’ home into their first apartment, and they expect the same technology they’ve had all along, including wireless speed that matches or exceeds what they’re used to. Homes that are wired for Internet should be as common as a pool and fitness center for this group.

Interactive, online Leasing Centers. Gen Y residents don’t want maps, brochures, and to have to deal with monthly paper checks. They want an interactive online community that extends to the Leasing Center to handle all their needs. Paying rent, requesting service, emailed receipts… not too unlike today’s Apple stores!

Places to get recharged. Nowadays we have so many things that need charging. Having charging / docking stations to plug in smartphones and iPods is inexpensive and really makes a statement.

Outdoor screenings. Many communities offered indoor movie theatres; however residents were barely using them. Today it is relatively inexpensive to have a projector and screen in the community gathering area. Since many Gen Y renters watch their favorite shows and movies online and may not even own a TV, this is a great and unique feature to include.

What do you think Gen Y looks for in a rental home these days? Did we miss anything? Let us know by commenting below or sharing on our Facebook page!

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