10 Sep It’s the Number of Likes That Count, Right?

Having a decent number of “likes” on your company Facebook page most certainly gives off a good first impression. If I were going to like someone’s page and saw that there were only two other “likers”… yikes. However, it doesn’t stop there.

A good social media presence is really about connecting with your audience, especially in real estate.

You should not be using your Facebook page or Twitter feed as a classified ad. It’s about education and engagement, which ultimately leads to more traffic, a loyal audience, and – in the case of apartments – higher retention.

How do you maximize engagement?

Extended network. The average Facebook user has between 150 and 200 friends, so having someone “like” you is an opportunity for you to start a relationship with each of their extended friends. You can creatively use referral-based contests or rewards to encourage your likers to essentially take part in expanding your own network.

Fostering community. For apartments and condos, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can highlight community events, promote resident engagement, and communicate important messages.

The goal should be to engage users with great content and increase your overall reach. The effect may not translate into a prospective resident visiting the property or signing a lease/buying a unit immediately. The idea is to be a part of the larger conversation.

Let employees play. Of course, Facebook isn’t just for your audience. It can be a great networking and communication tool within your company, as well as offer employee recognition and team-building.

It’s a great way to welcome new hires and put a spotlight on team members who excel. Recognizing and speaking to employees and clients “on their turf” makes sense.

How do you engage clients, residents or employees? Share by posting your comment below or stopping by our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides