29 Oct Apartment Trends

Is the American Dream getting a makeover?

RENTCafe experts analyzed a ton of data pertaining to apartment renting, and it confirmed a trend already evident around the nation. Many Americans are starting new households, downsizing from large homes, the appeal of a simpler, apartment life is starting to grow.

There is a common desire among many demographics to leave the suburbs and lean toward urban living. For Boomers anticipating retirement, they want to be close to fun things to do and leave behind the burdens of home maintenance. Echo Boomers aren’t having children, so they are drawn to a green, intown lifestyle that doesn’t require a vehicle. Smaller living spaces aren’t much of a sacrifice to them if it means having the convenience of public transit and being close to their job and friends.

The below infographic is from RENTCafe and shows how these trends are affecting apartment markets around the nation and the apartment renting population. Are renters changing America?

Trends in Apartment Renting
Courtesy of: RENTCafe
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