04 Feb Infographics: Make It Look Good

Have you ever almost driven off the road trying to look at your GPS, even though that little voice told you exactly where to go in plain English? Humans are visual creatures, it’s in our nature to process and remember what we see more efficiently than what we hear or read. And in today’s world of information overload, with valuable content constantly being lost underneath all of the fluff, the best way to make your content stand out is to make it visually appealing.

However, with constantly changing social media platforms, it can seem difficult to create content that’s informative, exciting, interesting, looks good, and fits all of the different and ever-changing social media outlets.

The current solution? Infographics. As the name suggests, an infographic is information presented as a graphic, and right now the trend has gone viral. In today’s world of information overload, infographics set themselves apart. Why?

When was the last time you forwarded a link to a twenty-page report on the effects of advertising to half your office, everyone you’re related to, all your friends, and a few people you’re not exactly sure you actually know? Exactly. Now, when was the last time you sent a video of a cat playing in a cardboard box to that same email list? The report may be more informative but the video is more fun. In today’s world of harried, overworked people, they don’t want to spend any more of their time on anything that isn’t fun.

Infographics provide the best of both worlds, information and entertainment. They allow producers to get their message out and catch the attention of audiences who are interested in that message, but who may otherwise not have the time to read a report or article. And they can spread like wildfire. Post an infographic to your company’s Facebook page and your followers will share it, pin it, and tweet it and email it to everyone they know… maybe even a few they don’t.

Sibet B Freides