18 Feb How to Promote Your Blog

So you’ve written a great Blog post… how do you get the message out? Do you solely rely on the hope that people will come to your Blog to hear your next great words, or do you promote it?

First and foremost, make sure you are Blogging authentically, sharing your unique voice, opinions and expertise. Use visually appealing images that will evoke enough curiosity for people to read further. Blog consistently and build your following by promoting your Blog to get the most leverage out of your message as possible.

Use Social Media

Make sure you are sharing your latest post on your Facebook page, your Twitter timeline, on a dedicated Pinterest board and on your LinkedIn profile, company page, and groups you belong to. Make sure you are sharing VALUE and not just talking about how great you think your post is. Make it sound appealing in your status update, don’t just say, “Check out my latest Blog post!” and provide a link. There is no reason for someone to click on that, and they won’t.

Share With Your Newsletter / Feed Subscribers

Send your latest Blog post out to your Newsletter subscribers, or create a feed that automatically sends out each post through a subscriber service. If it’s relevant, share it on community forums and other groups you belong to.

You can subscribe to a service that automatically adds your latest Blog post to your email signature to help promote it regularly without effort!

Bookmark It

Bookmarking sites have millions of users and should be added to your strategy. Make sure you have accounts and are cross posting to sites such as:

  • StumbleUpon.com
  • Digg.com
  • Reddit.com
  • Delicious.com
  • Technorati.com

Other Creative Ideas

How about submitting your post as a guest post on someone else’s popular site? If the information is helpful and relevant to their audience this is a great way to gain some new readers!

Try syndication sites that allow you to spread your content across many networks at once.

What about you? How do you promote your Blog posts? Share by commenting below or posting to our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides