11 Mar Zillow and Google Join Forces

The king of search has teamed up with the Internet’s most popular real estate portal.

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant app for Android and Zillow is now powering its real estate search and listings.

When users enter keyword search terms that indicate they are home shopping, a new Zillow “card” for Google Now returns information on nearby open houses and for sale homes.

While at open houses, Google Now will actually use their location to automatically show additional information about the home.

The future is here.

How do brokers feel about this partnership? For years they believed syndicating listings to search sites like Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia were in direct competition with their own sites. We think third party portal listings make brokers needed now more than ever. All this new territory for listings requires someone to help navigate and manage the pipeline of information available

Do you think more will come? Will Apple look for a partner to incorporate real estate into the iOS operating system? Share your comments below or post them on our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides