29 Apr Top Content Curation Tips for Your Blog

If you like to consistently give your audience useful information, content curation is important to you. It gives your visitors reasons to re-visit, refer and interact with you on your Blog and over social media channels.

By spending time to find, filter and enhance content and then share it across social media, you’re building interest and value in your brand.

What exactly is it?

It is best defined as researching and gathering the best content on a niche topic that is aimed at your core audience. The content must be relevant to your business, so you should add your comments and expert opinion about whatever it is you are posting.

Curation is NOT simply regurgitating information found on the web. You are personalizing the stories by reshaping and retelling them in your unique voice, making the content more valuable and compelling.

Keep in mind, you should still be generating original content, not just performing content curation. You need a balance of information to work hand-in-hand or your readers will jump ship.

Why do it at all?

It certainly helps create awareness and credibility for your brand. But it also improves engagement on your website, makes you a ‘go-to’ resource for information, helps you leverage cutting edge news in your industry, and helps you become a key influencer.

No matter how often you employ this strategy, your curated content needs to be high quality and reliable. Take time out to check your sources and their sources. The content should also accurately reflect your brand and its values, not just spout out the latest news claims.

How about you? Do you mix content curation with your original material? How often? Have you seen a difference in engagement since you’ve done it? Share your comments below or post them to our Facebook page!

Sibet B Freides