29 May Is Your Facebook Page Working for You?

Twitter and Google + may have millions of users but no other social network is as powerful as Facebook.

If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page you are missing out on a huge potential audience, high engagement levels and targeted traffic.

But even if you have one, there are no guarantees. Getting people to click the “Like” button isn’t as easy as it sounds. And even if you have the fans, getting them to engage isn’t always easy.

Here are some things that could be deterring your audience from interacting with you on Facebook.

Not enough “Likes”

In order to get more people to like your page, you need to have likes in the first place. In fact, building your fan base from 0 to 100 likes is tougher than reaching 500.

How do you spread the word and get people to like your page?

Try inserting a fan page box under your posts – everyone puts them in the sidebars, but they are far more effective placed under the posts. That way they work as a call to action.

Share your Facebook posts on Twitter – when you publish something on your fan page, click on its date header to open it in its own URL and share your post using that link. That way people will first be directed to your Facebook page, giving you the chance to get some of your Twitter followers to click “Like”.

Tell Your Twitter followers – once a week you should promote your Facebook page. Try revealing a benefit that your “Likers” receive that they currently don’t get as a Twitter follower.

Try the WordPress plugin Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox – it works as a pop-over box. One of our clients generated over 250 new likes in just three weeks using this method.

People Aren’t Talking

What does Facebook mean by “people talking about this”?

It’s the number of unique Facebook users who have interacted in one way or another with your page in the last week.

Likes, comments, mentions and shares all count as interaction. If your page has thousands of likes yet very few people talking about it, then something is wrong.

Are you updating your status at least four or five times per week? If you are sharing stories every couple of weeks chances are that people won’t be engaging.

Don’t forget to mix it up – post photos, quotes, questions, videos and articles. Don’t be boring and DON’T talk solely about your business!

Go ahead and ask people to like and share your posts– just don’t do it every single time.

People also are so inundated with information that they respond quickly to images rather than clicking through to an article.

You Don’t Seem Like a Person

Make sure you are not only replying to questions and comments but adding humor and personality. So many businesses are afraid of looking “unprofessional” if they share a post or photo about a pet or child. Remember people relate to humanity first and foremost.

How about you? What are your Facebook page challenges and how do you get around them?

Image courtesy of rounds.com

Sibet B Freides