11 Sep Quick Fixes for Your Website

Most of the time, “quick fixes” are really a sham. “Get rich quick”, “Lose weight instantly”, and more bombard our in boxes daily.

But there ARE some quick fixes you can do for your website that will dramatically change your results if you’re using the web to market your business.

Get a call to action. When you want someone in your audience to take some action (sign up for your email list, buy something, find out more), you HAVE TO tell them what to do. It’s the fastest way to make your copy more effective.

Also, it can’t be blanketed in marketing fluff. Tell them clearly and succinctly. If you want someone to click a link to sign up for your email course, use the words “Click Here to Sign Up for Our Email Course.”

Look through the key pages on your site. Do you have clear calls to action on each page? Are they simple enough? Could they be a little stronger?

Make sure people know what you actually do. If you prepare taxes, the words Tax Preparation need to be right at the top of your site. If you’re a real estate marketer, those words should be prominent on your home page.

Tag lines are too ambiguous. If your site says something like, “Empowering strength and flexibility through core movement strategies,” it leaves your audience with no idea what you actually do.

WordPress developer. Copywriter. Advertising agency. You have to use the language that your audience uses.

Communicate your benefit. Will your audience learn to save an hour a day on social media marketing by reading your materials? That’s what should be in the headline.

What changes are you making to your website to be clearer to your audience? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides