01 Jan Collaborative Content – Does It Help or Hurt SEO?

ideaviews collaborative contentGoogle’s continuous updates, combined with an increasing emphasis on social media influence, can leave us confused about how to approach a content strategy. Collaborative content might be a solution.

Why Collaborative Content?

Google’s search engine result pages are driven by the context in which the consumer is searching for something, and your website needs to send Google the impression that you can provide the best answer.

Collaborative content opens the door to brainstorming and creating solutions with unique perspectives, often involving expertise from different team members. Customers want answers to all their questions and they want it easily found. By brainstorming, researching and writing in joint effort with your team you can add increased value and satisfy Google at the same time.

Having multiple authors also means more exposure, as the article will be shared in more places. The more people that read and share your content (if it’s valuable and informative!) will “train” Google to go back to your site with similar queries.

How Do You Get Your Team Involved?

  • Start by explaining Google Hummingbird – how it works and why it affects search results.
  • Remind your team that every member has something unique and valuable to offer your audience.
  • Hold team brainstorming sessions and vote on the best ideas to make it fun.
  • Motivate your team with social share contests and rewards.

What are some ways you and your team collaborate for your blog content? Share by commenting below!

Sibet B Freides